Are you a media masher?

Media mashers surf the net remote control in hand. They are media multi-taskers that boast the ability to browse the net while watching TV.  In fact, media mashers or multi-communicaters are able to use any form of online, audiovisual and print media in conjunction with another. Certainly not an easy task. But one that our younger generations seem to be quite comfortable with. My children are definitely media mashers. They can browse the web while listening to music, reading and replying emails, talking on the phone and watching TV. I am witness to impressive displays of media multitasking at its best every day.

I shouldn’t refer to media mashers in third person or pretend only younger generations can be qualified as media mashers because I’m a media masher too. I admit it. But you probably are one too. If you have an extremely limited attention span (or in my daughter’s words, if your “attention span sucks”) and you get easily distracted by the multiple streams of media you consume, you too are, my friend, a media masher. If you feel the constant need to be in communication with other people even when there is no real necessity for that , in that case you suffer from Communication addiction disorder  or Internet overuse. I am afflicted by all of those. And writing a blog will make your condition even worst. You will constantly be wanting to share your ideas in at least 6 different social media platforms, trying to get inspired by others’ comments and discussions, checking your statistics, thanking your followers for following you and following them in return, liking their comments, rating them, tweeting them, tumblr(ing) them. And your worst nightmare will be your partner walking through the door with tickets to a romantic holiday in some paradisaical resort with no internet connection or no phone coverage.

But I have digressed. My actual intention today was to tell you about an interesting report on media meshing (not mashing) published by Microsoft in 2009.  I have proven my incapacity to focus on a single subject and I’ve been distracted by a mere vowel.  I hope I can regroup my thoughts by tomorrow and I can talk to you about the multi-tasking habits of Europeans.

What are your thoughts?

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