Where are you in the introversion-extroversion continuum?

Thank you, Susan Cain.

You’ve described exactly how I have felt my whole life both at school and at work where so-called larger-than-life, nearly heroic, grandiose extroverts made me feel like an invisible, dull, clueless, insipid being.

But it seems I wasn’t – I am not – the only introvert in this planet who feels that way. And I recommend that if you have always felt the weight of our society’s bias towards extroversion, you watch her TED talk and support her call for western societies to give us introverts the chance to maximise our talents, to put us in a stimulation zone that is right for us. After all, Cain explains, 1/3 to ½ of the world’s population lean more towards introversion in an introversion-extroversion continuum. And yet, our schools and workplaces are design for extroverts (although introverts do get better results).

No, she is not proposing that we should stop our collaboration model, but that we relinquish our admiration for the man of action and give the man of contemplation a chance.

But I’ll stop here and let you listen the rest of this very interesting talk by self-acclaimed introvert, Susan Cain.


What are your thoughts?

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