Grammar is Who You Are

It may seem a little radical but I believe it this to be quite true. In a world where every single one of us wants to unleash the writer within, we need to ensure that grammar does not lose its primordial place in the language. As the editor of an online blog, I receive a lot of submissions from native English speakers that leave me close to tears. It’s quite a shame. Someone needs to take on the role of grammar custodian. 🙂

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Well, first of all, I have to say that I’m not a native speaker, so I accept that I have some grammar mistakes in my English articles. However, it is something I cannot tolerate in Turkish. When I see a grammar mistake somewhere, especially on the internet, the page suddenly loses its credibility in my mind.

Grammar is one of the criteria showing how educated you are, how much effort you put in a work and how much you care about your public profile. For this reason, I read several times what I write. When I happen to have some grammar mistakes somewhere, sometime, I really feel ashamed because it is not who I am!

I do not know if you feel the same or not; I know that some people agree with me. Kyle Wiens who writes for Harvard Business Review, has a great article telling the importance of…

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