How Important are Words? (Post 29)

Sweet Mother

Writers are in love with words and so are comedians.  However, I would say there’s a BIG difference between the spoken word and the written word.  For example, I have no problem cursing like a sailor when I’m on a stand up stage.  I think that’s because there’s a smoke-like quality to speaking.  You say something – it may stun or shock or cause a laugh or a tear, but then it’s gone.  When it’s written, it’s there FOREVER.  As such, I invented a new way of cursing specifically for my blog.  Basically, I say “feck” a lot.  Feck this.  Feck that.  Sweet Mother Fecker.  Godermn it.  Goddermn that.  The spellings vary, but the intent is the same.  Since these curse-like words will be around for longer than if I had said them, it feels right to ‘soften’ them in a funny way.



But, on a stand up…

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